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Contact Lens
Do’s and Don’ts

You should always follow your doctor's instructions when caring for your contacts, here is a useful list of Do’s and Don’ts


DO always handle your contacts with clean, dry hands. Directly before handling your contacts wash your hands thoroughly, rinse completely, and dry before touching your contacts

DO apply contacts before your makeup and remove your contacts before taking off makeup

DO get into the habit of applying and removing your contacts in the same order

DO ensure you follow the cleaning routine and hygiene instructions given by your optician with regards to your contacts

DO always clean, rinse, and air-dry your lens case each time your contacts are removed from the case if your contacts are reusable

DO replace your lens case as recommended in the solution manufacturer's instructions. This is normally once a month

DO check your contacts are the right way round before applying

DO check there is no damage to your contacts before applying

DO only clean your contacts with your recommended lens cleaning solution

DO keep all bottles of solution closed when not in use

DO always keep your contacts completely covered by the recommended storage solution and in their storage case when the contacts are not being worn

DO schedule follow-up aftercare and eye examinations as recommended by your optician

DO always have an up-to-date pair of spectacles for when you need to remove your contacts

DO ask yourself these three questions each time you wear your contacts:       

                  1) Do my eyes feel good?

                  2) Do my eyes look good?

                  3) Do I see well?

If the answer is “NO” to any of these 3 questions, remove your contacts


DON’T wear your contacts for longer than your recommended wearing schedule, as prescribed by your optician

DON’T wear any contacts that your doctor hasn’t prescribed

DON’T use fingernails, tweezers, or any other tool for removing contacts from their packages or containers


DON’T re-use lens solution to disinfect your contacts. Discard all of the lens solution after each use and use fresh solution each time


DON’T use saliva, tap water, or anything other than the recommended solutions for lubricating, resetting, and cleaning your contacts. Always use contact lens solution to clean and soak your contacts.


DON’T use your solution or contacts beyond their expiry date or recommended discard date


DON’T sleep or nap in your contacts 


DON’T allow your contacts to come in contact with water, e.g., Never wash contacts or cases with water, never shower in contacts

Please call our office if you are experiencing issues with your contacts, and we will discuss options or arrange an appointment with Dr. Forrester.  

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