Forrester Eye Associates accepts most insurance plans.

     Medical and Vision Insurance plans are always welcome. It is important that you understand that your Vision Plan (Eyemed, Davis, or Comp Benefits) covers ROUTINE eye care only (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and normal astigmatism). You will be receiving a comprehensive medical eye exam at our office, not a “quickie Mega-Mart exam”. Dr. Forrester is committed to giving you the highest quality eye care. He will examine you for many conditions such as glaucoma, dry eyes, cataracts, retinal holes or tears, diabetic and hypertensive eye disease among many others.


      If your eye exam involves a medical condition related to your eye that requires specific counseling, documentation, follow-up care, regular monitoring or referral to a surgeon, then your visit is NOT COVERED by your Vision Plan. Unfortunately, the doctor cannot tell if medical eye conditions exist before you are thoroughly examined.


      The good news is that your Medical Insurance can be used when an eye-related medical problem, such as cataracts, dry eyes, complications from diabetes or high blood pressure (among many others) is found during the course of the eye examination. You do not need a vision benefits rider on your medical insurance to be covered for a medical eye condition. In these cases, your Medical Insurance will be billed for the eye exam even though a Vision Plan may also be in effect. 


     More Good News!: If we do file the exam with your medical insurance, you can still use your Vision Plan benefits towards the purchase of glasses or contact lenses based on your plan's allowances.


     We will file claims for all insurances that we are providers for and will assist you with out of network claims. We will obtain authorizations and advise you of your vision benefits either before or at the time of your appointment. You will find a list of some of the common medical and vision plans that Forrester Eye Associates accepts. We also work with a number of companies that offer private insurance for their employees.


We offer a discount for those who have no insurance. 

Common Vision Insurances:

  • Davis Vision

  • Community Eye Care

  • Superior Vision

  • Eyemed 

  • VSP (file out of network benefits)

  • Physicians Eye Care

Common Medical Providers Accepted:

  • Medicare 

  • Medicaid

    • Full Medicaid

    • First Choice

    • Molina

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

    • We cannot accept Blue Essentials or Blue Choice BCBS

  • Tricare - 

    • We are non network providers (Standard plans for retirees does not cover routine vision)

  • PAI

  • Humana

  • CIGNA (most plans)

  • Aetna (most plans)

  • United Health Care

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